CI Workforce Optimization

With our workforce optimization, you can provably increase productivity 5-10 percent on the average depending on the line of business. This is due to e.g. minimizing understaffing and overstaffing. Optimally generated shifts increase employee satisfaction and decrease sick leaves when employees’ preferences and wishes are fulfilled as well as possible. You can choose to optimize your workforce from four different angles:

CI Workload Prediction exploits historical data utilizing data analytics tools and predicts the future workload using simulation tools.

CI Time-based Shift Generation transforms the determined workload into shifts. The result includes the optimized shift structure, the tasks to be carried out in particular shifts, the competences required for different shifts and the break times required. Application areas include hospitals, retail stores and call centers.

CI Task-based Shift Generation creates shifts from the preassigned and targeted tasks. The result can also include route-based shifts and mobile resources that must be used to carry out the tasks at spatially diverse locations. Application areas include cleaning, home care, guarding, repairing and delivery of goods.

CI Staff Rostering assigns employees to shifts and tasks over a period of time. The result is an optimized performance of the staff on both financial efficiency and balanced satisfaction, such as lower costs, more effective utilization of resources and fairer workloads.

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